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Building SMB Windows Server-Practice Integrating with Online Services.pdf PDF
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CAL Simplicity in Server Customer Email.oft Email
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Power Your Business - Battlecard.pdf PDF
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Power Your Business - Better Together Flyer.pdf PDF
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Power Your Business - Better Together Storybook.pptx PPT
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More marketing assets available for your company!

In addition to downloading key marketing assets from SmartHQ, the Microsoft Digital Commerce & Campaign Network (DCCN) has made available more assets for you to load and post on your company’s website! See details and register to take advantage of this offer by going to Several of the banners posted below are from the DCCN site.

OEM Windows Licensing Webinar video and PowerPoint now available!

Were you unable to attend the OEM Windows Licensing Webinar on 2nd February 2017? Or would you like to listen to it again? You can access the entire webinar – including the Q&A session – by viewing the video below.

Or, if you prefer, you can download the Webinar PowerPoint presentation here

Do you have additional questions? Go to the bottom of this page and click ‘Contact us’ and forward your question to us.

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About Mark O’Shea

Awarded the Microsoft MVP status for 'Windows Expert – IT Pro' in July 2012, Mark has received well-deserved recognition for his contribution to the online Windows community and for his local efforts in helping organisations make the most of new technologies. Mark previously worked at Microsoft for 20 years, his expertise spanning multiple divisions and industry segments throughout Australia and Asia Pacific with a focus on SMB channel and technologies.

Technical Support for your Microsoft Server Questions

Get exclusive access to expert advice from our local Windows Server server guru—Mark O'Shea! 

This technical support service provides help with any technical Microsoft Server questions along with guidance on upgrade paths for clients on legacy hardware/software.

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